About us


Futurescape Tokyo is

a study in urban

fantasies and speculative

cartography. The project aims

to explore potential future

scenarios of the world's

largest megalopolis Tokyo,

which is expected to

shrink dramatically

during the next 86 years.



Futurescape Tokyo is an interdisciplinary research project combining artistic research, speculative cartography and journalistic methods to explore urban visions for the post-expansive mega-city of Tokyo. The project is run

by architect Maja Alton and journalist Anneli Enqvist, based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Architect and employee at the Arrhov Frick architecture studio in Stockholm. Maja has previously worked for Swiss architects Group8 in Geneva as well as in their office in Hanoi, where she began to take interest in Asian urbanism and city planning. She received her Masters in Architecture from KTH School of Architecture in 2009. She has also spent a year delving into modernist architecture at the ENSA Paris Belleville.



Freelance journalist, particularly interested in the intersections between culture, politics and social issues. Anneli has previously studied utopian visions in North American urbanism, directed a documentary about the Andean drag queen activists Las Divas, and led a project to support democratic youth participation through independent media production in impoverished urban neighborhoods of Bolivia. She holds a BA in Political Science from Stockholm University and the Complutense University of Madrid and studied the Master's in journalism at Stockholm University.


Maja and Anneli have previously collaborated on the photo exhibition “Minnen av Lugnet” at Nacka Konsthall. The project portrayed the turbulent years of the small scale industrial/slum area “Lugnet” in Stockholm, when the old inhabitants packed up and went off to make room for a new bourgeois sea-side neighborhood called Hammarby Sjöstad.